James Anderson - Racial Discrimination at Stanton School of English

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Two Tutors at Stanton School of English, Queensway(Mike and Joanna) discriminated against a black trainee.They picked on him, shouted at him in front of students and trainees, told him that he was not fit to be a teacher (Joanna) and even said that they regretted having accepted him onto the / training.

It cost him over £1,0000 to train for a Cambridge Teacher training, CELTA(ESOL) for one month. I would advice anyone thinking of going to THE STANTON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH IN BAYSWATER QUEENS WAY, who consider themselves, NON - WHITE, NON-CAUCASSIAN, TO THINK AGAIN. They are a racist organisation. They actually failed him...

can you believe it???poor guy!!!

Review about: Tutors.


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It’s clear from the writing in the complaint that the person who wrote the complaint had no business teaching English.I know that the CELTA has a fairly extensive screening process, involving a test and an interview.

The person who wrote the complaint should never have been accepted into the course.

Joanna, the person who wrote the comment to the complaint, has no business being a trainer. She does not know enough about grammar to string together a proper sentence, and her punctuation is atrocious. For example, take the following clause from Joanna’s comment:

“He was never told he did not fit the criteria of a Cambridge English teacher or was not fit to be a teacher”

The second verb has no subject. Joanna failed to use a comma, and she used the wrong conjunction, “or.”

I’ve done the CELTA myself at International House Budapest.

I failed the course as well. It’s very easy to fail this course when your trainer is abusive, and trying to sabotage you.

My parents both claimed that it was anti-Semitism, but I think that blaming racial prejudice is jumping to conclusions.I think that a simpler explanation is that the CELTA is a bad program, run by poorly educated, amoral people.

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As one of the people named above, and in response to both James Anderson and the gentleman who posted the original comment (whose anonymity I will respect despite the fact that he did not respect mine), I would to like to confirm that this complaint and the allegations made within are completely fictitious and have been fabricated to compensate personal and professional deficiencies displayed while he was completing the course.He was never told he did not fit the criteria of a Cambridge English teacher or was not fit to be a teacher, but he did fail to meet the criteria necessary to pass the course.

He was not humiliated, shouted at or picked on at any time. He was not told of any regret for accepting him onto the course. The price of the course is not £10000 but £1005, which is actually very reasonable of you compare it with other centres which do the same course. He was never reprimanded for taking time off the short course for being ill or when his daughter became ill.

We were sympathetic and did our best to accommodate him by making arrangements to make up any missed sessions/teaching practice. We also talked to him about deferring but he chose not to do this. He failed the course because he did not complete the necessary requirements, not because of his ethnic background. There were other black trainees on the same course who did not share in this gentleman's opinion and were very happy with the course, which they all passed.

Our centre and our tutors are not racist and a large majority of our trainees come from a rich variety of backgrounds, from all walks of life, from every corner of the world.

As a final thought, and considering this gentleman wants to become and English Language Teacher, I would ask you to look at his post and check his grammar/spelling.Anyone is welcome at Stanton!

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